Saturday, November 10, 2007

yay, I was right!

It's the final stretch, and the sturm und drang is rigoddamndiculous.

I just read the forecast, and it's going to be 37 degrees next friday. There's no forecast yet for saturday, but I doubt it's going to shoot up to 60 degrees that day.

thank GOD, because if didn't FREEZE TO DEATH that day, it wouldn't really be a celebration.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Marriage License Adventures

(ok, you know what? I'm getting married in two weeks. Wedding stories are boring, but they're all I've got for the next sixteen days.)

We went to get the marriage license today. It was really not how I pictured it.

I mean, ok, it's not going to be sentimental and romantic. I had planned on bringing a camera and getting someone to take our picture when we got the license, but thought about it and realized that was A) dorky, and B) probably not going to be such a great picture anyway.

I did think, though, that someone whose ONLY job is to give our marriage licenses (no, really, there's a separate office that does absolutely nothing EXCEPT issue marriage licenses) would be relatively pleasant, particularly within an hour of starting their work day. I mean, people are ALL happy! The people in this office, though, make the people at the DMV look like waiters at TGI Fridays. No kidding.

It took us forever to find the right place, because the signs suck, and, as I mentioned, there's one office for birth, death, and marriage certificates, and one office for the marriage license. We finally found the marriage license office, walked in, checked for any forms to fill out (there were none), and promptly got in line where it said "line starts here". (we're both do-bees, we like to follow the rules.) We were the only people in the office. Well, except for the one woman sitting at a computer cubby (it was just like the bank, with the different tellers) pointedly avoiding our gaze, the three people sitting a few feet back at other desks (pointedly avoiding our gaze), and two people who walked past saying they'd be "right with us", only to vanish from the face of the earth.

Finally, a woman came up and called us over. A woman with a Carribbean accent and a speech impediment. A scary woman with a Carribbean accent and a speech impediment who would bark things like, "Where is your father???" and, when The Boy told her his mother had the same last name as him, she said, "Well, I need a different one." Hee! The look I got from The Boy was priceless. ("Your mom's MAIDEN name, hon.")

ANYWAY, after a great deal of stressing and confusion and seriously memorable attitude, we can officially get married.

well, starting tomorrow.