Saturday, April 19, 2008

What kind of dog is that?

I'm still not really a dog person. I love Sam, and I like other people's dogs, eventually, but the whole dog park thing could not be lower on my list of things to do. Dozens of other people's dogs running around, some with manners even worse than Sam's? Um, yeah, I'll be here on the couch, thanks.

At the same time, I do love Sam more than I thought I could love a big, stupid dog (and make no mistake about it, Sam is dumber than jello). And it's really fun when strangers get excited about him and want to pet him and talk about how cute he is. Of course they do, Sam is adorable.

The funny thing is, everyone always asks the same thing. "What kind of dog is that?!" It's actually not funny- we all know I went to the trouble of secretly swabbing his gums and mailing it in for DNA analysis, thinking I'd be able to surprise Stephen by revealing the secrets of his dog's identity. And we all know how that went. I guess Sam could be a weiner dog...if weiner dogs had long skinny legs, or bushy tails, or average-length torsos.

For awhile, we thought he was maybe part collie, because of the stripe on his nose.


Then we thought he was part Husky, because he has a faint black mask, a bushy tail, and he loves the snow. Also because the vet pointed out some Huskies in the waiting room who were making the same warbly noise Sam makes when he's taunting the cats. ALSO because someone told us stories about their really stupid Husky. (that kind of sealed the deal, actually.)


It doesn't really matter what kind of dog Sam is. We love him even though he's stupid and has bad manners and does stuff like jumping all over strangers and pulling us off our feet when we're outside and he sees something he likes, or when he does gross stuff like eating the cat litter. He also does really awesome stuff like sitting eating our apple cores and sitting on our feet while we eat dinner, and the really cute little dance he did when we got home from the honeymoon, running back and forth between the picture window and the door, trying to figure out how to get to us faster. The only problem is, now I've written a whole blog entry about my dog.

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