Wednesday, July 30, 2008

All Quiet on the Uterine Front

Well, not really, as the little bugger is flipping and twisting in an apparent attempt to prepare for Beijing (shhh...nobody told him/her about the age limits. Unlike YESTERDAY, when the stubborn little bugger would. not. budge., requiring four attempts at imaging its heart. What finally worked, I'm convinced, was Stephen vigorously shaking my stomach (not even kidding, the baby probably thought someone turned on the spin cycle, which should learn it to disobey me when I say MOVE!). All was good, though, the baby is perfect and AWFULLY cute. We got some really cool 4d pictures and if we ever get another scanner I will post them for my limited audience. S/he absolutely has Stephen's chin, no doubt about it. This is a VERY GOOD THING, as my mammoth jaw was responsible for the vast majority of my orthodontic drama. I can only hope the palate matches the jaw (especially because it'd be one weird-looking kid if it didn't, given Stephen's narrow jaw).

Stephen had second thoughts about keeping the sex a surprise while we were waiting. He kept imploring me to find out, but I really, really want it to be a surprise. I told him it was absolutely fine with me if he wanted to find out, as long as he can keep it a secret from me (I genuinely do not care), but he didn't think he could, so neither of us know. I told him we can find out next time...I guess. I was worried we'd end up seeing something yesterday that gave it away, but even when she was imaging the lower spine and butt, the tech did a great job of hiding everything, we did not see three parallel lines (girl) or an outie (boy, duh). She turned the screen away for the gender shot- I did not ask if she was able to visualize it well, the baby was in a terrible position and it's possible she really couldn't. It seem like she was getting good shots of that area, though (clearly the baby takes after me and is a massive exhibitionist, heh).

Other cute moments:

-The baby sucking his/her thumb. Those little lips were moving!
-The baby swallowing. It happened so fast, I'm not sure I would've even recognized it if I haven't seen videofluoroscopic swallow studies at work. Very cool.
-The first time she did a full-frontal of the baby's face (still in 2D), it stuck its hand out RIGHT in front of its face, right as she did it. "Pleeease, I need my PRIVACY, just leave me ALONE!"
-and I can't say it enough, those 4d images. Dannnng they were cool, I am SO happy we got those. It was NOT worth the drama of worrying about the baby, but now I know that next time, we are going STRAIGHT to the level 2 ultrasound. Ooh, yeah, also, when they first did those shots, the kid had its arm up its face, just like Henry did in all his ultrasounds. I thought that was cute, too!

I am still getting girl vibes, but a few people have said, since seeing the pictures, that they think it's a boy (maybe they don't know that ALL new babies look like their daddies?). Then last night, I had yet another dream that I had a boy. Maybe my gut is way off. I mean, it usually is, but it's supposed to be accurate when it's actually YOUR kid! And if this IS a boy, I'd like to know why I'm getting so wide in the hips. Hmph.

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