Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Kingdom for an Advil

There is nothing quite like being awake for an hour every night with the feeling of a searing hot poker being driven into your lumbar spine and sliding its way over to your right hip.

My back hurts. A lot.

It hurts all day, wtih varying intensity, but after I've been sleeping for a few hours, it wakes me up out of a dead sleep. No position is comfortable, the slightest movement causes every muscle in my back to seize up, as if to say, "you stupid bitch, when will you learn?! Don't MOVE, that only makes me ANGRY!"

I need two things. I need Advil, and I need to go see the naprapath. I can't take Advil. When I learned that, I thought, eh, no biggie, I'm not going to have cramps! I also won't be running very long distances, so no worry about muscle aches. I can take tylenol for the occasional headache. I really didn't miss it until now. How foolish I was.

The good news is, after I see the doctor tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be able to go see the naprapath (...famous last words), and that helps much more than Advil ever has, so there is that.

The other good news is that I took monday night off from working out, and when it didn't help, I decided to work out last night. It actually helped a little bit while I was on the elliptical (no running though, I'm not that brave), and definitely didn't make it worse, so at least there's that.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm fascinated by all this BPA news. I am my father's daugther and therefore severely allergic to, and deeply offended by, junk science and knee-jerk reactions. So really, for the record, we don't know as much as some (*cough* Julie Deardorff you moron *cough*) would have us believe. We know that people with higher concentrations of BPA in their urine (and therefore, we presume higher exposures to BPA) also have higher rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and elevated liver enzymes. Let me preface this by saying that correlation does not imply causation, so for those of you inclined to move to an organic farm and weave food containers out of home-grown bamboo, you can sit tight. But?!?! This is FASCINATING news, because those three physical ailments? Make up metabolic syndrome! They all go together! It's not like they've found higher rates of brain tumors and toenail fungus, these are things that go hand in hand. This is truly fascinating, and I really hope it gets fully explored, and we don't all just panic and decry the evil Nalgene conspiracy. Because here's the thing- metabolic syndrome is also much, much more common in people who are overweight. If these physical findings are actually related to BPA, why is that? Is it that the overweight people who are developing these symptoms eat more processed food that has higher concentrations of BPA? OR?!?! Is it that a higher proportion of adipose tissue predisposes you to absorb higher levels of BPA? People, this is fascinating!

Sigh. Y'all just lapsed into a coma, didn't you?

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