Sunday, October 5, 2008

every bad thing I've ever done...

The karma train is coming back around for me in the form of real estate.

Which, I mean, isn't all that dramatic of me- I haven't really done anything truly terrible iny my life. All the little things, though- every time I cut someone off in traffic, every mean thing I've ever said, all of my general misanthropy, it's all coming back.

The condo deal *looks* like it's still safe. I probably shouldn't say that and anger the gods (not to mix metaphors...or something...), but the inspection wasn't a total disaster, and while they'll probably counter with some ridiculous demands, whatever, we're prepared to screw the pooch.

Turns out the world of estate wants us to do that on both ends. The house we found, that we like, but needs major work to make the kitchen remotely acceptable? (I mean, we're talking about moving walls, just to give you an idea of the scope of work.) We gave the owners an admittedly low offer. They countered at five under their list price. They've been on the market nearly a year. When their agent showed them the comps from the neighborhood, that are just barely above our offer, their response was that it doesn't count, because those people gave their house away. They also said they're considering pulling the listing. They don't even live there anymore. They bought a two-flat, and are living in one while they rent the other for additional income. They're claiming they want to rent both units and move back into the house, because they're that sure they can do better in a more favorable market.

Here's the thing: the house needs roughly $40,000 in work. We're talking about a really great block, in a neighborhood that has never been popular, that will never BE popular, that is two blocks off a stretch of Milwaukee where half the storefronts are boarded up. I'm incredibly disappointed that they're not willing to deal, but neither one of us is afraid to walk away. We already took a hit on the condo, we're not taking one on the house, too.

Still, it's aggravating, because everything else on the market is a total piece of (overpriced) crap. They keep saying it's a buyer's market and I am here to tell you that is a load of horse poo. There is nothing good on the market, because anyone with anything good is waiting, and anyone who is trying to sell is living in total denial.

I'm not sure where this leaves us. I guess we're gonna end up in a house we don't really like, that we'll end up trying to sell when the market rebounds, if it ever even does, provided our own buyers don't come back from inspection asking for thousands of dollars.

What I do know is that the whole topic is even boring to ME, so I'd like some resolution, just so I can start talking about something remotely interesting again.

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