Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Sweet Home, Take Two

So, we had our attorney kill the deal on the last house. It just kept getting more and more expensive, we kept finding more and more problems, and it finally seemed like a decision so stupid, we had no choice but to reverse course. It is sad, because it was a very cool house, but the sellers were total douchebags and the house was in worse condition than we'd ever expected, so we had to do the wise thing and FINALLY pull the plug.

Tonight we went to contract on a beautiful house in Old Irving that we both love a lot, with a yard as big as my parents' yard in the suburbs. Sam is thrilled. So are we. Finally.


Donna said...

Yeah! That looks like my dollhouse!!! I knew it would work out for you. Congratulations to you and Stephen and Sam and the cats and New Baby #1!

Rae said...

Welcome to my neighborhood!
Such a cute house!

diedendidit said...

This house looks great. Congratulations! I hope this goes much more smoothly than the last.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Inspection went well today:) :) :)