Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Various and Sundry, Nothing Very Interesting.

1- People's Gas somehow linked an account under someone else's name, from 1990, to my social security number, and refuses to schedule a stop date for svc at the condo until I can prove I was not living in Rogers Park and racking up $300 gas bills at the ripe old age of fourteen. I am attempting to provide such proof with no response just yet. Awesome. Love that. Also love the billing dept informing me that someone in my family must have used my social security number. Of course. Why didn't I think of that? With all the identity thieves in my family, not to mention all the relatives I've had at the address in Rogers Park where this account was located. OF COURSE.

2- It is virtually impossible to get water service set up in the city of Chicago. When I moved to Evanston, I called one number and got a very pleasant woman on the phone who set up my account. Today I called five numbers. Two were voicemails which were clearly the wrong departments. Two were answered by people with an IQ roughly equivalent to Sam (who, let's face it, is stupid even for a dog), who provided me with other numbers they INSISTED were correct. The last number I tried is the billing department, but the only prompts in the menu are for people with existing accounts. I asked to talk to a person, and was put on terminal hold (we're talking thirty minutes here, my entire lunch, at which point I hung up the phone). Stephen called a friend he thought could help, and hopefully we've got the right number now. I'm not entirely sure why water service is such a closely-guarded secret in this city, but we are talking about utilities here, which I'm not holding in particularly high esteem these days (see: point 1 of this post).

3- I took a trauma nursing certification course monday and tuesday. it was easily the most difficult certification course I've taken in my career. Really super interesting, but omigosh, SO hard. One really interesting factoid I learned: even for experienced first responders, the most traumatic events are those involving children. The woman who taught this section quoted an interesting statistic. I have no idea if it is true or not, admittedly, but I'm going to assume it is. She said that following the Laurie Dann incident (I link as if any of us could forget that), 90% of the ER staff who were working at Evanston Hospital that day quit their jobs. 50% never went back to health care. I guess that probably isn't very interesting if you don't work in health care, but anyway.

4- So much complaining, I have to finish by saying that we have the awesomest friends in the whole wide world and really really really appreciate all the help we're getting a week from saturday. I seriously do not know what we'd do without all y'all.


Rae said...

I had a hellevua time getting my electric set up. Transferring power is apparently super easy, ordering new power is very very difficult. Twice my order was cancelled because my address didn't exist.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

We found the answer to our water problems today when we pre-signed docs for the condo sale. Apparently in the city of Chicago, you don't set up water billing, the lawyers do it when they complete the closing paperwork. You get a certificate that shows you paid off the water bill, and then they complete the paperwork to transfer service to the new owners name. Good to know. I can't believe there wasnt' a single person I talked to yesterday who knew that, nor do I know how people know that ahead of time, but there you go.

I still have no resolution on my gas company issue, but I am not remotely surprised.