Monday, November 10, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up (People's Energy, part two)

So, in spite of repeated attempts to contact People's Energy AND the Illinois Commerce Commission, I knew no more this morning than I did last week.

I went in to work early today and called People's Energy AGAIN. I actually got a semi-functional human being on the phone, who told me they had received my documents, but they were still being reviewed and there was still a hold on the service transfer. I asked how long it usually takes, and was told five business days, so if I called back tomorrow, they should have a resolution for me. I asked if I could call customer service directly, and the woman in billing told me no, she didn't even know how to get ahold of them, except by fax. She was awfully sincere, so I believed her, even if the entire situation seemed completely ridiculous. I figured I'd just call back tomorrow morning.

Here's where it gets really ridiculous (it's not already ridiculous? ha, just wait.)

I got home and found a letter to me, from People's Energy. They apologized for the error and told me the issue was resolved and removed from my account. Oh, and that they'd notified the credit bureaus and my report should be fixed in 30 days.


First of all, I have been monitoring my credit report and hadn't seen any negative changes, so PLEASE pray that this doesn't mess up our closing at all. It shouldn't, but JESUS, anything is possible at this point.

Secondly, this letter was drafted on friday. I received it today. At the same time, everyone else at People's Energy is convinced the issue is not resolved, and won't transfer my service. How I am supposd to fix this is entirely beyond me. I am bringing the letter to work tomorrow in case there's somewhere ELSE I can fax it, and hopefully I'll never, EVER have to call those people ever again.

On a semi-related note: the furnace people came out today, and it turns out the burners were just really filthy. They scrubbed them down in the kitchen sink and now everything is fine. We're keeping the thermostat set at Doc and Joanie-type temperatures (aka "don't bother putting the meat in the fridge, it'll be FINE on the counter!") just to be safe. They didn't charge us, which is nice, because it turns out they were supposed to have cleaned the furnace when they were here a few weeks ago, which is funny since, well, apparently they didn't.

I think I'll finally be happy about a week from now. At least, that's when things will feel sort of settled. Sort of.

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Donna said...

I was cleaning out the den yesterday and happened upon a letter that P.E. and I had been sending back and forth. In the end all was resolved but they are the WORST WORST WORST company ever! I did file a complaint with the BBB, but I never felt like I really was able to stick it to them the way they deserved. They are AWFUL and I will be happy for you next week when all is said and done for you. Yea about the furnace though! Oh and if you wondered why there was an untouched cupcake on a plate on Sunday after the pary that's because I took it to bring home to Liam but I forgot how I have no memory at all so I forgot it. Makes sense. :o)