Friday, December 5, 2008

oh my god, YOU GUYS.

When I'm not pregnant anymore???

Stephen and I will have a BABY. OUR OWN BABY. Who lives with us. ALL THE TIME!

and in order for me to not be pregnant? I...oh my god, you guys, it's almost too awful...I have to give birth to a baby.

A baby which, by yesterday's ultrasound, is estimated to weigh 8lbs, 4oz (which was a bit of a slap in the face after the doctor guessed "ohhh, probably seven pounds. her explanation for the discrepancy? "Well. You ARE tall, it's hard to guess when women are tall.") A baby whose head is measuring a full two weeks ahead of the rest of its body, in true Kathy AND Stephen fashion. (we need big heads to hold in our big brains. not because we have borderline hydrocephalus or anything like that.)

I just thought I would tell all of you about that, because I know that *I* was shocked to realize it.


Donna said...

Yippee! I am very interested to find out her weight, as I have never yet heard of an accurate pre-birth weight prediction. So make sure Stephen gives us the specs when we get the big phone call! They called Liam at 7 1/2 (6lbs 3 oz. in reality) and Brendan as "very large, maybe 9 to 10 pounds, and 10 pounds during labor (7 lbs 5 oz.) I'm excited too about why you haven't posted all weekend...

Rae said...

Why would you being tall have anything to do with predicting the weight?