Thursday, February 19, 2009

Benadryl of Dreams

The cats got roofied last night.

Gracie was really hard to get down, clearly not feeling well, and mommy wasn't feeling well either, after a day of boob-boycotting (Gracie, not me. I don't boycott anyone's boobs). I was expecting a terrible night, and the felines in this house both had that look in their eyes like, "Ooh, nighttime! That's when I'm an asshole! Raaaawwwwwrrr!"

Fuck that noise.

They each got half a benadryl, per my aunt's dosing instructions. Well, sort of. Falafel fought me a little bit, took his, glared at me, and was a very good kitty all night long. Rosie? Oh my GOD!!! First, the fact that it even made it into her mouth is a miracle. Then she started running around the house, vomiting and pooping and frothing at the mouth, and then the froth got on my face and my eyes instantly swelled up and started running furiously and itching like mad (Oh yeah, I'm totally allergic to cats. I sometimes forget that because I'm not, you know, Rachel, but I really am) and then? When the little amount of benadryl she actually got started to kick in? She started howling like she was surely dying. my GOD.

She did eventually calm down and shut the hell up, and like I said, Falafel was good all night.

You know who else was good? Gracie. She slept until 3:30 and then didn't wake again until 8am. This is not my baby. My baby cries all night and refuses to sleep and chants backwards in Latin. Sooo, I guess her father is right and the cats DO bug her. I know a kitty who's getting benadryl tonight!...and I know another kitty who is NEVER GETTING BENADRYL AGAIN OH MY GOD.

(as for me, today I look like have raging pink eye. Not as bad as the time Heather had a really bad allergic reaction to Brennan's cat and a lady stopped her on the El and said, "oh honey, he's not worth it," but almost.)


Jessica said...

a lady stopped her on the El and said, "oh honey, he's not worth it,"

I seriously almost peed my pants.

Hope you had another good night last night, our crib transition went amazingly well, even after a scary incident with salad dressing earlier in the evening (I'll post about it on my blog).

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

We had a decent night, she woke twice instead of only once, but I'll take it, for sure! She keeps taking fake naps during the day, but Weissbluth says that happens because they consolidate their night sleep before their day sleep. This baby, I am telling you, she doesn't get her sleep, she is a MESS. I wonder where she gets it...heh.

Glad your transition is going well! I am still sooo sad Gracie wouldn't sleep in our room, but if we had to transition her, she'd probably be sleeping in our room until she was 18.