Monday, February 23, 2009

Grace's One-Eyebrowed Baby

Everyone has an archnemesis. Superman has Lex Luther. Toonces has Scruffy. George Bush has the maze on his placemat at Pizza Hut. Even Maggie Simpson has that baby with the one eyebrow.

Grace's archnemesis? My left boob.

We seem to be on the path to recovery with this nursing strike. Not totally there, still pretty dysfunctional, but getting significantly better. She'll take the right if I get her on right away and stand while I'm nursing her (or sit, but NOT with the Boppy). She genuinely tries to take the left. A million different things happen when she tries. She misses. She can't latch. She latches on and pops right off, over and over, getting hte milk to let down and having it spray her in the face. She chokes because she starts to pop off but it's still coming down. She probably COULD latch on if we sat down with the Boppy and it was formally offered in a structured manner, like when she was a newborn, but that enrages her and then she won't try.

So I continue to spend quality time with my new homie, Medela, and hope for the best. And wait for my lactation consultant to call me back. We may have a pedi visit in our future too, if it seems like this is at ALL reflux or swallow-related.

It's better than it was two days ago, but we're still far from normal, and I have a pretty good feeling it's coming back with a vengeance two weeks from today. Not that anything big is happening that day...*sob*

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Jessica said...

You're awesome. Really, really, awesome.