Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry Gypsies, we're keeping her.

Because for the last two nights, our gorgeous angel has started out her night with a six hour stretch of sleep.

SIX HOURS, PEOPLE!!!! And last night she went down at 9:30, giving me real hope that I might, in fact, be able to return to work as a functional adult in one month.

Her timing could not be better, as today is the nicest day in Chicago in ages. We went for a walk this morning, which she loved, and now she's taking her afternoon nap in her crib.

I know she'll backslide, I know this isn't permanent, but it is a HUGE step.

Also, in her pleasant, well-rested state, she is making some seriously fabulous cooing sounds, and when she's not totally wrecked, she adds the cutest little gurgle to the end of her yawns.

Looks like we'll be taking the gypsies off speed dial.


Jill said...


Donna said...

Wait a second, aren't you and I, in all our Bohemian glory, really the gypsies? So haven't the gypsies really had her all along? And doesn't that make sense? Brendan and Grace just have the gypsy wanderlust!

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

I can tell you after working where I have, as long as I have, we are not gypsies. Though sagittarians are said to have gypsy feet because we like to travel. I'm already making plans for Gracie and me in the future;)

And never mind anyway, because it all fell apart last night when she didnt' fall asleep until 11, slept four hours and was awake for two, then only went down for another hour before waking again. She has totally boycotted long naps all day long and has been in her swing for the last hour, for a real nap. Tonight does not look promising :(