Monday, March 2, 2009

5am: Stream of Consciousness

Hee. Mohawk.

Stephen is right, she should totally go as Mr. T on Halloween if she still has it.

What was up with the Mr. T saturday morning cartoon? Why did he hang out with those kids, and why were they all gymnasts? Who decided that was a good plot device?

Why were there so many cartoon versions of live-action shows? Let's see, there was Mr. T (though that was not EXACTLY the same, since it wasn't the A-team), Punky Brewster, Alf (it really made more sense for that to be a cartoon than a live-action show...why did my dad like that show so much? what a dork.)...

It totally sucks that saturday morning cartoons aren't a big deal anymore. I would totally let Grace eat breakfast in front of the tv if they still had good cartoons. Ok, no, I probably wouldn't, but still.

No, maybe I would. It wasn't ALL mindless. They had One to Grow On! I want the ball...

DAMN Grace, are you STILL eating? Sheeeeeesh.


Jessica said...

I liked Alf :) Although I can't watch it now b/c now I know better - it's terrible!

Hope you got some sleep!!!

Donna said...

Now Chucky, don't ever do that.

When I was pregnant and soooooooo sick with Brendan Liam and I spent some mornings watching cartoons, (and not the crap that's really hyperactive and makes you realize WHY so many kids have ADHD) but there's this really cool cartoon that takes place in American Revolutionary War times, and has like Whoopi Goldberg and Walter Cronkite and I'd highly recommend it.

Wasn't there a Ghostbusters cartoon? My dad and I watched Alf sometimes. We also watched (not cartoons) Our House, Rags to Riches, 90210 (yeah, he's cool, though the episode where Donna Martin's thinking about losing her virginity to David and she goes to the priest and he's like "follow your heart," that my dad was NOT cool with) Cosby Show, Family Ties, Wonder Years and sometimes Full House. We'd also watch Star Trek the Next Generation but my dad could NOT understand AT ALL how I could have a crush on Will Wheaton.

Sounds like Grace has stopped striking?

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

So, the funny thing is, my father hates ALL television, but thought Alf was, like, the greatest show ever (we're also talking about a man w/a Ph.D who couldn't program a VCR to save his life).

I loved Our House! Early Shannen Doherty and pre-oatmeal Wilford Brimley:)

For now she's not striking. We'll see what happens a week from I needed one more thing to freak out about.