Sunday, April 19, 2009


My birthday is December 11th, a fact which many people reading this know, does not make me happy. December birthdays suck. When I realized Gracie was going to have a December birthday, I felt terrible. Half of my obsession with getting her OUT OF MY BODY had to do with keeping her birthday as far away from Christmas as possible (the other half had to do with the fact that I was carrying an 8 lb baby that, from the outside, looked like a 5 lb baby, and all that baby had to go somewhere, and that somewhere was my lungs and my sciatic nerve. Run-on sentence, table for one?).

The upshot of this is being a Sagittarius. Admit it. It is the coolest sign of the zodiac. The free-spirited adventurer. It's like the wacky friend that convinces us to go to London on a week's notice without anyplace to stay or any plans, and go skydiving while we're there.

I'm kind of a Sagittarius, but mostly not. I love to travel, I get bored and restless easily, and I love adventures. It's just my idea of adventure that's not quite so Sagittarian. That is because I'm a big fat scaredy-cat.

Gracie, though, oh my LORD is this child a Sagittarius. I can tell already. All the things that make her a bit of a pill right now are the things that will make her the wild, kickass friend everyone wants to be around. She wants constant entertainment. The more we're doing, the better, and the more time we spend out of the house, the better- for SURE. She gets bored within seconds. Sleep is boring. There are no adventures in sleep, so why should she waste ANY time on that?

It's kinda cool. I really hope she's brave and adventurous and pursues all the crazy dreams she has, and that I'm strong enough to support her and not try to stop her. I hope I'm brave enough to tell her the Peace Corps is a great idea, that she SHOULD take a year off before she goes to college to volunteer in Central America or work on a farm in Ireland. I know that'll be the hardest part, being able to take a deep breath and tell her to go, and be the person she's supposed to be.

Of course, knowing this kid, she'll turn five and decide she never wants to leave the house again. Can't have me thinking I know anything about her.


Laura said...

I love this post. Ironically, Kyle and I were discussing zodiac signs this afternoon (baby gap sells onsies with the signs on them - kinda cute)

Gracie will totally be the girl that everyone wants to be friends with, no doubt about it.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Hee, Laura, we have that onesie! It's one of my favorites (even though Sagittarius is on the most boring background color of all those onesies. they had to do it so the other signs wouldn't be jealous of Sagittarian awesomeness.) She's definitely a born adventurer.