Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Little Foodie

I've said it before, but I'm gonna say it again: my baby, she LOVES to eat. We finally introduced the baby feeder (for the uninitiated, it's this weird mesh sock-thing that you put fod in and the baby can suck on it without getting big chunks they can't handle). So far, we've done a piece of watermelon with a single blackberry. See for yourself how she likes it:

Also, settle the debate for me, are her eyes hazel, or are they hazel?? (I know formatting is wonky here, but I can't figure out how to fix it and I don't have the energy to, either.)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Being Really Vague...

There are people at my job who are severely pissing me off today. And I am fighting tooth and nail to be diplomatic with them. But they are pissing me off nonetheless. And there is no reason for them to be pissing me off. They are being difficult, and I'm beginning to suspect they're being difficult on purpose. Which only pisses me off more.

Also, I would like if certain OTHER people did not operate on "Person X Time", but the time of the real world, because it would help me avoid these other people being difficult.

This has to be the world's stupidest blog post ever. Let's just say I'm feeling really irritated and pissy and wish people didn't insist on being so damn difficult. We all know those days.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beware the Bars of Target

I kind of love grocery shopping. I love comparing prices and finding deals and using coupons. I LOVE buying generic. I love knowing that Dominick's is insanely, ridiculously overpriced, second only to Whole Foods, and one should only shop there under duress. I love knowing that groceries are cheaper at Target than at Jewel (which is also overpriced but not as egregiously as Dominick's).

I also love Fiber One bars. They're kind of an addiction. They're only 2 WW points per bar, plus you can always find a coupon for the Kelloggs version, and every store has a store version. They're also RIDICULOUSLY overpriced at Jewel, cheapest at Costco, and cheaper at Target. However, while the Jewel-brand fiber bars are a good substitute, I am learning things about Target brand fiber bars.

For example, that they're made of peanut butter chips and HAAAATE.

I don't wanna be disgusting. But I'm a vegetarian, plus, like I said, I'm rockin' a serious fiber bar addiction. This stuff generally doesn't affect me. There is SOMETHING different about the Target version. It's pure evil and my body, she doesn't like the Target version.

Consider yourself warned.

(on a less ooky note, why doesn't anyone make store-brand veggie burgers? I'm stuck buying name-brand, and none of the name brands are remotely cheap. Costco only sells vegan Bocas, and I don't like Boca burgers, plus the vegan version of any veggie burger tastes like warm butt.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

In Training

It's official. Marathon training has started.

This is good because distance just builds from here, and it's so gratifying to see my long run get longer every week.

This is bad because it is BEYOND stressful. A bad run is so much more than just a bad run. It throws everything off!! No, obviously it doesn't, but it feels that way.

Overall, though, it's good, because this means I can eat my dad's pancakes every sunday for the next few months. SCORE.

Wish me luck. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I signed up for this.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Half a Year Ago Today...

It was also a sunday. It was also cold (but, um, a LOT colder). And I went to Old Orchard, in hopes of inducing SOMETHING. I was sick of being pregnant, but more than anything else, oh my GOD I could not go back to work the next day. I still think it was a coincidence that I went into labor that night, but whatever, it happened, either way!

I can't believe it's been half a year since Gracie was born. I mean, I CAN- those first months were the longest and hardest of my life. It just didn't matter what we did, she screamed all the time and she never slept. I don't really have very many vivid memories from that time, except that I constantly had two things in my head- that crappy Billy Joel song (oh wait, it's not crappy, it's me who's crappy! haha!) and a line from a Robert Frost poem about colic and paregoric (...Prevacid would have to do for us, sadly). I remember chanting over and over to myself, "This, too, shall pass." I remember feeling envious and resentful of people with easier babies. I remember feeling HORRIBLY guilty for wishing my baby were different, for not being happy with the gorgeous, healthy baby girl I finally had after wanting her for so long- how much did I want?!?! Scared, exhausted, inadequate, all of that.

People kept saying "it gets better". That was totally meaningless. I knew our lives were never going to be the same again, so hearing it would get better was just too...nebulous.

Now, though, it is so different. She smiles and plays and rolls around and reaches for things and has such obvious desires and intentions. She's so, so fun. (well. not today. Today she was a giant dupa, but we're all entitled to those days once in awhile.) She could stay this age forever and I'd be just fine with that.

You know how some quotes just keep recurring in your life, or work really well in different situations? Like the geometry proof or rule or whatever, about a square being a rectangle but not all rectangles being squares? Remember the episode of Friends when Rachel tries to take up smoking to get in good with her boss? And she's complaining about how hideous and disgusting it is, and Chandler tells her, "I know. But hang in there, because it is about to get SOOOOO good." I've used that quote a lot with people. Usually when I'm talking about running. I think if I were to talk to someone with a colicky newborn, someone as overwhelmed and tired and frsutrated and just totally defeated as I was, that is what I'd tell them. That I know it's awful, it's exhausting and scary and frustrating and just generally wretched. But hang in there. It is about to get so good.