Monday, August 24, 2009

Real Mom of Genius

My friend Anne is visiting this weekend with her 16 month old son. While we were out, Gracie fell asleep in the stroller. She barely woke up when I moved her to the car. Sigh, I said, now she won't nap when I move her to the crib for SURE, she's been sleeping too long. Anne said, "Well. Um. If it were me? It's a gorgeous day. Sit in the car with her and read a book until she wakes up."

Why had this never occurred to me before? Why did I just sigh heavily and assume the rest of the afternoon would be filled with fussing and overtiredness and nap refusal?

Because I am smrt.

I sat in the front seat and read the sunday paper while G took a nice, long, motionless nap. All told, she probably slept two hours. That is an amazing afternoon nap for her. This has totally solved our afternoon nap problem!

It ALSO solves my ridiculous backlog of the New Yorker problem. Two birds, one stone. Awesome.


Max's Mommy said...

Yay! Genius!

Meg said...

Two heads...always better than one!