Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ten months?! Whaaa...?

As I know I've already covered, ad infinitum, Gracie's early months were, um, less than easy. Every month that passed, every milestone she reached, she got a little easier. I was never sad that she was a month older.

...until now. I have a ten-month-old?! WTF?? She's almost a year old! When the hell did that happen?

She's really changed a lot this month. I've been waiting, with serious apprehension, for her to hit That Age. You know, the one where you can't look away from them for three seconds or they'll pull the chandelier out of the ceiling and onto their heads, eat the broken glass, then lick their fingers and grab the exposed wires in the ceiling? I was starting to think we might skip it, because I'm used to it coming around eight or nine months. Maybe since she's a girl, it wouldn't be like that? Um. NO. That Age has arrived.

Her favorite food is Science Diet. Her favorite toy is anything with a cord. Her favorite activity is pulling herself up on the tub while I'm in the shower. Oh, and if I open a drawer in her presence, all of the clothes are immediately on the floor.

Her sleep is totally unpredictable. She still sometimes wakes up at 3:30, and it usually takes her at least an hour to get back to sleep. The other day she never really went back to sleep, so my day started at 3:30. The next night, she went to bed at 7:30 and slept straight through until 6:30 (a work day, obviously, so I couldn't enjoy the sleep). She's acting like she's trying to get down to one nap, but she hasn't figured out quite how to do that, so she's been taking late afternoon naps and going to bed a bit later, too. Sleep is just this kid's Achilles' heel.

She's still an eater, though. And honestly, I'm starting to think it might be easier to have an eater than a sleeper. She's also very good about sharing.

The biggest change this month, though, is the way I feel about her being a month older. I'm kinda sad. I mean, no. She has more personality every single second, and it's so exciting to think about all the new things she's doing, and the things we can start doing now that she's such a big girl. It's just bittersweet. (but omigosh who would've ever thought I'd be sad about my baby getting bigger awwww look at how things have chaaaaaaangggedddd...)

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