Thursday, June 24, 2010


Gymnastics was a lot better this week. We got stuck in traffic, making us late, so G was kind of off her game. It stresses me beyond stressed to be late anywhere, so I think she probably noticed that, too. She refused to sit on my lap while they set up the obstacle course, but she did stand nicely and wait. She did a few of the steps the right way- she loves rolling like a hot dog and sliding down the mat. She did somersaults with a LOT of help. She wasn't crazy about it, but she did it. At the end of class, she high-fived one of the teachers, and let them put a frog stamp on each hand. The rest of the day, she kept pointing at them and shouting, "Fog! Fog!"

The downside is that, instead of wearing her out, the class got her all amped up, and she refused to take a nap. I left her there for an hour and a half, and instead of sleeping, just marched back and forth. And did somersaults. All by herself.

That kid. I am TELLING you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


In addition to swimming this summer, I added a gymnastics class for Gracie. Um. Also for me- it is reeeally hard to fill the days with a toddler. DANG. She loves to climb and run around and be crazy, so I thought it was time. Of course, if you want to take gymnastics through the Chicago Park District (or any class, for that matter), you have to be glued to your computer the SECOND registration opens, with all your info already entered, index finger twitching on your mouse, ready to click submit. If not, you are outta luck. Of course, being the totally well-organized, detail-oriented person I am, I...didn't even remember to check when registration started. FAIL. So, we're paying non-resident fees to take the class in the burbs.

The class is tiny, about six kids? G is definitely the youngest. The age range to sign up for the class is 18 months-3 years, and since G hit 18 months a week before class started, that was kind of inevitable. I did hope there would be more wee ones in the clas, but the closest to her age is going to be 2 by the end of summer. I thought of it more in terms of gross-motor skills, and I thought, eh, who cares, we're just here to have fun!

I forgot about the maturity factor.

To be fair, there is only one girl who is a LOT older than the rest of the class. Most of the kids are at least near Gracie's age, so when we started with the different activities, there was a lot of ignoring and clinging to mom and stuff like that. Then it was time to sit in mom/nanny's lap while they set up the obstacle course for the kids.

Ohhhh, my. THAT was not part of Gracie's plan. She writhed and cried and then yowled and arched and it. was. not. cool.

All the other children were sitting quietly in their mom's laps, in case you're wondering.

My first thought is that I'm shocked all those kids sat so nicely with their moms while balance beams and mats and big rolling donuts were being strategically arranged around the room. My second thought was that it's her age. It's hard to imagine she'll be happier to sit and wait in just four short months, but maybe?

It's also just that patience isn't one of her assets and never has been. She has SO many wonderful characteristics. She's persistent and silly and so, so clever. She's funny and sweet. But patient? No. Grace isn't patient. I'm torn between thinking SHE'S the normal one, and all the other kids were behaving very strangely, and thinking, okay, how are we going to work on this?

I'm torn between thinking I'm asking too much of her and maybe she's not ready for gymnastics, and thinking she's got to learn how to do things like wait her turn on the jumping blocks, and it's better for her to start learning now, rather than when she's three years old. I'm torn between thinking it's a good way to kill the time and thinking it's a GREAT way to kill my back.

Mostly, I KNOW I'm overthinking it. We'll keep going. Maybe someone else will be crying next week. Also, she loves rolling like a hot dog down the angled mat.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Also: the ground gets wet when it rains.

I was driving out to my parents' house tonight to pick up Grace, waiting in traffic and daydreaming. I started thinking about when she was born, because, well, I do that a lot.

I have absolutely no idea why this never dawned on me, but as I was thinking about her lying on my chest for the very first time, I thought, that is the same baby I'm going to see tonight. The one who rolls around in the mud and splashes in her water table. THAT baby! They're the same person. And the thought took my breath away.

THIS baby

is the same as THIS baby!!

no frigging way.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why, Hello There, Blog

It's not that we haven't had anything going on over the last month, exactly. Just that none of it is really fit to blog about, for one reason or another.

Gracie hit 18 months this week, though, I and I have a feeling I'll regret it if I don't record some of this on the internets. Unlike me, the internets remember things.

Today's doctor visit went exactly as I expected. She's a big girl- 34 inches tall and 27 pounds. She's curious and clever and hates shots, like all normal people. No, she is not remotely interested in potty training, Dr. Calmness, but thank you for asking. Check back with us when she's forty. Dr. Calmness (not his real name)(duh) asked if I have any concerns, and...I do. Gracie should have a minmum of 15-20 words right now, and she has somewhere between 8 and 10. This is not entirely surprising, as she also babbled late. She understands every word we say to her and follows complex commands without batting an eyelash, so I know it's not her hearing and it's not a cognitive issue, it's strictly expressive language. I've talked to speech-therapist friends, I've talked to other moms whose kids have gone through speech therapy, and tried doing the things they suggest, and it really hasn't made a difference. She's content to point and grunt. Dr. Calmness, calm person he is, asked that we give her three more months. He'd like her to have 25 words by 21 months old. If she doesn't, we'll call him back and he'll refer us for early intervention.

Although I am, to my very core, a neurotic mess, in this case, waiting seems like the right thing to do. I kind of feel like she'll talk when she talks. Gracie has strong opinions on everything and she likes to do things on her terms. Why should talking be any different?

On the list of things Gracie DOES like to do- dress up and get dirty. She loves to pull the winter stuff out and put it on. She is DYING to dress herself, and since she can't quite do it yet, she's settling for putting on a hat and a scarf. it's pretty freaking adorable.

As for getting dirty, this is the Summer of Filth. There is nothing more awesome than getting entirely soaked at the water table, then going and rolling around in the dirt, digging in the mud, pulling up weeds, trying to launch face-fist into the name it. Dirt is awesome. But only if you're good and wet first. Crocs and bathing suits are our best friends this summer.

Well, almost. Curious George will always trump all.