Monday, October 11, 2010


So, wow. It turns out? Every pregnancy is different! Who knew?!?!

I know people like to ascribe gender differences to the differences between pregnancies, but I don't really buy that. First of all, because the people I know who've had babies of all the same gender swear each time, THIS is the girl/boy. THIS is so different! I know a mom of four boys and a mom of six boys who both swore up and down they were finally having their girl. And obviously they did not. Also because you just don't have enough circulating hormones from the little turds to actually cause those symptoms. For example, I hardly ever had to shave my legs (or armpits, but that sounds gross...) when I was pregnant with Grace. I like to say it was because she was a girl, but come on, it wasn't! (also: I would like that pregnancy symptom back kthxbye.)

The nausea was the biggest difference this time around. So far, anyway. With Grace, I started feeling bad literally the day after I had a positive pregnancy test. On the plus side, it passed by 11 or 12 weeks. With Segundo, I did not feel sick until I was seven weeks pregnant. I thought I might even avoid it this time! HA! At seven weeks, I got hit by the Nausea TRUCK. And that crap stuck around until about 15 or 16 weeks, complete with dry mouth (but water made me feel sick!) and the most godawful taste in the back of my throat.

On the plus side, I had wicked insomnia with Grace, which is decidedly NOT a problem this time around. I sleep like the dead. Heck, I NAP like the dead. I was hoping that need would pass with the first trimester, and it has, to a degree, but just yesterday I passed out in my own drool for an hour. I also had a lot more aches and pains and headaches with Grace than I'm having this time around, but the pregnancy is still young. Wait, no it's not, I'll be at the halfway point next monday. CRAZY, no? I think it's crazy.

I obviously felt Segundo moving around before I felt Grace move, which I think is always the way. It surprised me, because I felt Grace really early for a first-timer- about fifteen weeks? Segundo...I know y'all will think I'm crazy, but I felt very distinct kicks at 11 weeks. I know! But it was Segundo. It was not gas. Of this, I am certain. Kicks feel like...bones. Gas doesn't. This was bones. And now, s/he's moving and jabbing a lot more. Differently than Grace, who would have periods of total insanity, dancing and flipping and generally going nutsoid, and so far, Segundo does not do that. I get a flurry of jabs and kicks and they stop. THAT, I could see changing. I'm already noticing an uptick in activity, so my theory that maybe this is going to be my Zen baby appears to be flying out the window...

The big ultrasound is a week from today. Another difference from my last pregnancy: I'm getting a LOT more pressure to find out the gender! With Grace, people said one of two things when I said we were going to be surprised. Either, "ohhh, you're no fun!" or "cool! Being surprised is awesome!" This time? I'm getting a LOT of "Look, are you gonna find out or NOT?! Why won't you find oooouuuuttttt?!??!" And really, I *am* more tempted to find out this time than I was last time, but I keep going back to that moment in the delivery room, when she was lying on her belly, (screaming), we both thought she was a boy, and the doctor peeked under her legs and set us straight. And the moments that followed, when we got to call everyone and tell them they were all wrong, she was a girl, isn't it crazy?! And I'm not sure I'm willing to give that up, either. I think it's more that I'm just curious what it's like to know ahead of time...but I'm afraid I'll regret it, and it's not like it's something you can un-know!

If you follow the idea that gender differences explain pregnancy differences, then Segundo is a boy. And I have days when I think Segundo has GOT to be a boy. But then this little voice in my head says, ohhhh no she's noooot! So for the record: I actually do not know. I have hunches on one day and feel the complete opposite the next day. I guess that may change? But for now, your guess is as good as mine. (and I already know your guess is boy. that's everyone's guess. it was almost everyone's guess last time, too, juuust so ya know;)


Jill said...

I think Segundo is a boy. And, I was right last time about Gracie being a girl. So there. Plus, that's the way we do things in this family. One girl, one boy.

SPOT said...

don't find out! We found out about Abbi during an room wasn't nearly as much fun as the first time around!