Thursday, November 11, 2010

House Arrest

So Grace hates to nap.

No, that's not true.

Grace loooves to fall asleep in the car and then not sleep for the rest of the day. Except, when she does that, she lapses into a freaking coma. And is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to arouse. Even if it's just five minutes, it shaves a full half hour off her nap, minimum.

This means that, for the last, I dunno, six months? We have stayed within a 5-block radius of our house, unless I was prepared to pay the consequences. Occasionally, we could get away with going to lunch, and then I could transfer her to her crib for a semi-decent nap. But trips to the mall, for example? Out of the question. It's just too far away. Why not just go after her nap, you ask? Because she wakes up in the middle of rush hour, that's why. And so, I order 99% of what we need over the internet, and otherwise just deal. ("Just deal"ing mostly involves wearing underwear that I used to only wear five specific days of the month, if you get what I mean and I know you do.) It is claustrophobic and frustrating, but the alternative is no nap, and you know what? Growing another human is frigging exhausting, and I NEED TO NAP, TOO. So.

But now?! Now, she can no longer be transferred to her crib from the car at naptime. Now she wakes up, screams her brains out, and then eventually calms down and plays awhile. This means I can't nap, because it just doesn't work (I realize tehcnically I could nap during that time, but I just can't. I won't know when to wake up, because she'll be making noise the whole time, so I just can't sleep at all). So right now, she's playing by herself in her dark room, because I do think that's important. I mean, in theory. It's actually not remotely important for Grace, because she spends the entire time FLINGING HER BODY around her crib and screeching like a howler monkey, so it's not like it's down time. I think we both know who finds that time really important.

I guess the sleep situation could be a lot worse, but you know what? We worked REALLY hard to get this kid to sleep for us. REALLY hard. It sucked and we hated it, but she had to learn how to sleep, and she sure as HELL was never going to learn on her own. And it really sucks to have it still be such an issue.



Soooo, I guess I left the bag of hand-me-downs for Grace's cousin too close to her crib when she was "napping". On the plus side, this is what I found when I went in to get her (and for the record: that dress is a size 6-12 months.)

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Donna said...

#1. Love the dress!
#2. I am with you, sister. If anyone thinks they have seen me during the afternoon in the last almost 5 years, it was just a mirage. Ch-ch-ch-changes.