Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, we're gonna play a little multiple choice game. Let's say you answer the emergency line at an obstetrician's office. Someone calls you and tells you they're 30 weeks pregnant and bleeding. do you:

A) ask them a few questions, tell them something vague but reassuring, and make them an appt to be seen


B) ask them a few questions, become extremely flustered, and say, "..oh. Ok. this should not be happening. Hold on, I'm getting the nurse."

If you answered B, my doctor's office may be looking for YOU!

As part of Segundo's seemingly endless attempt to make this pregnancy as stressful as possible, I not only had some bleeding today, but realized right around the time I was getting the aforementioned response that I had not felt him* moving since about 3am, at which time there was some serious tap-dancing going on. I became convinced he'd hanged himself and began sobbing hysterically.

By the time we'd made it to the doctor's office, he was busy dancing again and I was feeling mildly reassured. I felt even better after everything, when my exam was completely normal, his heartbeat was regular and strong, and the ultrasound looked perfect, with no signs of placental issues. I also got to review the growth ultrasound with the NP- she confirmed that it was totally normal, although Segundo is on the petite side. I measured small again today, which apparently happens when babies like to stay all curled up. The tech commented at the big anatomy scan that he was all curled up tight, even though "the kid has like, half a uterus left to stretch out!" So, I guess that's why? She said if I keep measuring small, they'll keep checking ultrasounds, just to be sure. Fine by me! I also lost a pound since my last visit, which is good, because in spite of growing a tiny baby, my weight gain has not reflected this. Things even looked good enough today that they cancelled my routine appointment for tomorrow- which is extra-good, because we sat in the office for two hours today and I am just not sure I have it in me to sit there again tomorrow!

And? Segundo is grounded. Until he leaves for college. ENOUGH trouble out of this kid. SERIOUSLY.

*yes, he. it's easier than constantly flipping back and forth between she and he. I do think he's a boy, but NO, I don't KNOW that.


Rae said...

Um. Terrifying. So glad everything is okay.

Donna said...

So, so glad everything is ok!! You better take it easy, Missy! Also, let me and Eric and the fam babysit Gracie so you can have a relaxing dinner one of these nights. Trust me, this you will appreciate in 3 months! Seriously, email me a good time for you.

Donna said...

(oh, I mean a good time for you and Stephen, of course. Though if you want a night alone we can do that too!)