Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nope, novelty still hasn't worn off.

28 weeks with Grace:

28 weeks with Segundo:

Isn't that wild?

I don't see any way this baby is a girl. And really, not just because of the way I'm carrying- although I can't really get that out of my head, my BFF from college was a labor and delivery nurse, and she is absolutely adamant that the way you're carrying doesn't mean a darn thing. (although, seriously, if I carried high last time and low this time, I'd say, well, ok, everything is all stretched out...but how weird is it that I was sooo low last time, and this time, Segundo has taken up residence somewhere around my esophagus?)

I'm pretty sure I've already covered the differences between each pregnancy, and they persist even now, at seven months. The one similarity is that both times, I had a moment, very early in the pregnancy, when I was struck with the absolute certainty of the baby's gender. Both times, I went on to question that revelation, but when it was happening, it was clear as a bell. That instinct was right last time. I guess we'll find out in March if it was right this time.

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Christy said...

Wow, it's amazing how different your baby belly looks between the two pregnancies. If I didn't know that was you, I'd think it was a different person in each photo.