Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Curse You, Day/Night Confusion!!

So, true story: about three or four nights ago, Katie slept thru the night. Or would have, if I'd let her. I woke her up twice to eat so her brain would not be all hypoglycemic and damaged, as I tend to be picky about that. I knew that wouldn't last, but it was pretty freaking awesome.

Aaaand then, we approached our due date. And she got her sister's bubble nose. More awake baby plus stuffy head equals not such good sleep.

I mean, no. She sleeps like an angel all day long. Has some brief awake periods, but mostly is just comatose. Then, around 10pm, she wakes up. At first, she fools me, because she seems all normal. Then she eats, and while she's eating, she gets super worked up. She starts panting and her stuffy nose goes crazy and she makes so much noise, you can hear her down the hall. Then she gets really restless and uncomfortable. She stretches out and writhes around and cries out occasionally and then she poops, and you THINK she'll be okay then, but she's NOT! Not yet. She still needs to writhe around awhile and feel pissed off. This lasts until about midnght or 1am, when she finally falls into a fitful sleep. She wakes up several hours later, and either repeats the routine, or is just wide awake and looking around, but that also trips off the bubble nose, and so her breathing sounds like a jet trying to take off. She's also not super interested in eating, which is a darn shame, because at that point I have prepared her the equivalent of a Roman feast, and when she won't eat it, well, that's a bit uncomfortable. She finally falls asleep again, only to go thru it all again around 5 or 6. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And SERIOUSLY: I should not complain. Compared to Grace's early days, this is still cake. But darnit, I am TIRED. And then, as a result of all that night waking, I am staying in bed til 8 or later, which is too late. Stephen will be going back to work soon, and that just flat-out won't work. After we get up, I feed her, and then I have to pump, both to maintain a supply that I know she's going to want eventually, and also just for my own comfort, because it HURTS to leave all that sitting there. Plus it really freaks Grace out and just does not start the day off on the right foot. She doesn't understand why I'm not coming downstairs by 7am like I usually do, and although she is THRILLED to have her daddy's undivided attention, it just weirds her out. She also doesn't like it when I come down the stairs carrying two bottles of milk and don't let her have them. The screaming, carrying on, and cries for "nawk, PEEEEASE!! Pease mama, nawk!!!" are totally heartbreaking. (seriously: I have no idea why she wants the milk so badly. it's weird. I would just give it to her so she could get over her curiosity, but probably, it would just make her want it more and also, who the hell just throws away pumped milk? Good Lord.)

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