Thursday, April 21, 2011

At least it's healthy?

My little Norma Rae continues her strike today- she did pretty well overnight, but was on and off today, mainly refusing lefty like it was spraying poison, but better than yesterday.

One of the things you're supposed to do with a striking baby is to avoid letting them get too pissed off. Get them nursing before they're screaming with rage, because once that happens, you've missed your chance. Sooo, when Katie started crying while I was making lunch today, I knew I had to drop everything and feed her. Gracie was not necessarily on board with this plan, as she stood at my side screaming, "Wahermelon!! WAHERMELONWAHERMELON!!!!" I sliced a piece off the wedge I was chopping, rinsed off the knife and put it away, handed it to her, and rushed off to feed Katie.

While Katie was grudgingly accepting FOOD I made WITH MY OWN BODY (no, no, don't mind me, dear. just put me in the first nursing home you find...), Gracie was munching away at her wahermelon. AND THEN SOME. Because after I left the room, she pushed a stool up to the counter, scooped up the seriously enormous chunk of watermelon I'd left on the counter, and chowed on it like a cartoon character.

You guys. She ate the whole thing. When she was done, the rind was entirely white. I really should've taken a picture of it, I was really very impressed.

She was pretty impressed with herself too (and in case you're wondering, she also ate a bean and cheese quesadilla and an entire container of strawberries for lunch. I'm thinking maybe she's growing...)


Laura said...

Grace & Abs both! Yesterday I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said "hot dog and sandwich" I told her she could only have one. She ate a hot dog, an ENTIRE can of green beans, veggie sticks, and a cup of milk. Then? Then she says "ok, can I have sandwich now?"

good night.

But, yes, I could eat an entire watermelon in about 5 seconds. Grace is a smart girl.

Torrey said...

She's growing? Ya think? ;)

Take down that wahermelon girl!

Megan M said...

This post is so funny....

Isn't it amazaing how somedays they don't want to eat a single thing and then the next day they eat the entire house! I think it's slowly preparing us for when they are teenagers....

rebekah said...

I know you say she is your husband's clone, but I can see you in some of her expressions, especially in the more recent photos. She's a doll.