Saturday, April 23, 2011

That one was my fault.

I've come to accept in the last two months, that I just make high-maintenance babies. I don't make babies that sit in bouncie seats or sleep in cradles or nurse without striking or live without hours of screaming. It sucks, but what are ya gonna do? They grow into pretty awesome kids, so whatever.

Today, Katie would not. stop. screaming. I mean, she was a handful even by Katie standards. The kind of screaming where her head gets sweaty. Inconsolable. I was entirely fed up and frustrated.

While Gracie and I were eating dinner, Stephen was watching a show about chocolate on tv. He commented on the caffeine content in chocolate- it's actually pretty low.

But let's say, theoretically, that someone- we'll call her Piggy- ate an entire one pound bag of M&Ms yesterday. A bag intended for her toddler, but hello, that kid doesn't need any more cawkit, so I will eat it for her. THAT? would result in significant caffeine consumption. And if Piggy had a baby daughter, I bet she would be reeeally caffeine-sensitive.

Oops. My bad.

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