Friday, June 24, 2011

'Tis the Season

for running!

I mean, not my favorite season for it- HARDLY. But the time of year when I'm training, if I'm going to be training that year.

The marathon felt like way too tall of an order this year, especially with Katie being born later in the year than Gracie was, I had that much more of a deficit to start. So I decided to train for the half marathon, which will be my fourth, and try to get a personal best (aka PR in runner's lingo).

Official training starts this weekend. I'm using an intermediate training program, because I want to improve on previous performance but more importantly, because it makes me feel like a big, ImportantPants runner person. Like, "oh, you novices. I remember when I was like you. now if you'll excuse me, I need to go run 25-minute miles..." It starts out with a five-mile run as the long run, which is fine because I'm already doing six-mile runs. It's a little stressful to think about building distance, though, because I'm not running as consistently as I need to be. The fatigue is definitely hitting me a LOT harder this time around. That, and we're not having another summer of all 50 degree days, so I'm a little more limited on what time of day I can run (and when it's 85 degrees with 90% humidity, there's really no time of day when I'm capable of completing long distances, sadly). ALSO, there's the fact that I now have two children who need watching, so I can't just throw one in the stroller and go. We have the double jogger assembled (and by "we", I mean Stephen) (duh), and Katie is almost big enough for me to run with her, but it's rather...daunting. The stroller itself is huge and much more cumbersome than the single, Grace is really a big kid now, and their combined weight is, um, a lot. Add to that the fact that most of my running for the last year has been solo, and I'm not in any shape for running while pushing kids. Stephen has really been great about making sure I get my running time in, but it just doesn't always work out.

What I really need to do is bottle the way I feel AFTER I run, so when I'm exhausted and sprawled on the couch and want to run about as much as I want to chew on broken glass, I can remember that it always feels better to get up off the couch. And also that I will be sorely disappointed if I get a personal worst come September.

And also the feeling I have in my legs right now, all sore and weak, the kind where you actual stumble on smooth linoleum flooring because your legs are so tired? I feel that way because I haven't been running enough. Need to avoid that. Falling is embarassing.


Laura said...

you're inspring me, dadgumit.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Go mama, go!!

You've already done a 5k. Maybe a 10k is next! that's my favorite distance, long enough to be a little bit of a push, short enough that the training doesn't consume your life.