Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What? NO. just....no.

Eight months?????  I do not remember signing off on this.

Katie, on the other hand, is fully on board.

You guys, this kid.  OMG.  She is like a living, breathing ball of sunshine.  She is perpetually GIDDY about life in the world.

Especially when it involves cupcakes.
She learned a few new tricks this month.  She has always been crazy vocal, and FINALLY, we have consonant babbling.  She loves to practice and play around with pitch and volume and she's *pretty* sure she's saying something awfully important.  She's started throwing her hands in the air- but never when we ask how big she is.  Instead, she raises them above her head and looks at us expectantly, like, "Um, HELLO, waving my hands here, don't you have something to say?!"  And of course, the second I get the camera out, she's got her hands back in her lap like nothing ever happened.  Just tonight after dinner, I noticed her clasping her hands under her chin, like a little old lady. 

Oh yeah, and she did this, too:

and by "this", I mean, survived being dressed this way.
Her sleep seems to finally be getting back on track- the last few nights, she's only been up once, and she's actually learning how to take a nap, which is seriously nothing short of a miracle.  I really didn't think she'd EVER learn how to do that.  Of course, she'll get shots in a month and that'll all go to hell, but for now, I'll take it. 

She looooves to eat, and unlike her sister, this one is an omnivore.  Meatloaf, meat balls, sloppy joes, turkey and rice, you name it, she loves it.  

Oh yes, also bagels.
Her most favorite thing in the world, though, is still her big sister.  Grace walks into the room, and Katie's whole face lights up.  When Katie is crying and fussy and mad, Gracie can *instantly* make her laugh, just by sticking out her tongue and saying, "blablablablalbalba!!!"  (Um.  that's not doing it justice.  anyway.)  The feeling is moooostly mutual- if Katie's crying, Grace will say, "Ohhh, what happen-a Katie?!"  But then Katie will reach for one of her toys and it's all, "noooooo, KATIE."  So, I mean, they're normal, too. 

"Seriously Katie, if you wear those pants again, I WILL pretend I don't know you."

One of the games that seriously never gets old to me is the "X months ago at this very minute, ABC was happening" game.  I'm pretty sure I'm alone in that, heh.  ANYWAY, tonight we were all playing upstairs after tubbies, and when the clock ticked to 6:43, I said, "awww, eight months ago right now, I told my nurse I needed to push and she went to get dinner!"  Seven minutes later, I tickled Katie under her chin and smiled.  And maybe ten minutes after that, it was time for bed, and I was nursing her, all bundled up.  And I thought, wow.  Eight months ago right now, I was doing the exact same thing.

Oooh, hello, did someone say nursing?!
Happy eight months K-Mae.  It just keeps getting better and better:)