Sunday, November 27, 2011

Well, but with less pigs' blood.

You know, at the end of Carrie*, when she's killing the entire prom with her brain?  And in the back of her mind, she notices that some kids are escaping, but she's so busy dropping beams on everyone else and lighting them on fire that she decides she just can't address that, and so she just lets them go?

I think that is kind of what it's like to raise two kids.**

*- I wish I hadn't read that wikipedia article.  the part where he talks about the girl finally changing her outfit really, really breaks my heart.  Because that girl was TRYING.

**-without the massacre, I mean.  In case that isn't obvious.  Like, I"m too busy keeping one kid from eating coins to worry about the other one who's unfurled an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet, just so she can say it's plugged and use the plunger.  Because nobody ever died from using a plunger***.

***- maybe they did.  if they did, just...don't tell me, okay?

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