Sunday, February 19, 2012

From the Files of "Duh"

So, we're weaning.


When I weaned Grace, I did a mega rapid stupid fast wean.  I had a lot of reasons for that at the time, nearly all of them stupid in retrospect, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  And ohhhhh my stars, the weaning hormones.  I had no idea!  I have mentioned this before.  It was mostly really hideous anxiety, and since I also had really hideous anxiety when G was born, I figured it was all the same hormonal changes.  Since I did NOT have a single speck of anxiety when K was born, and in fact, floated around on some kind of cloud of euphoria and co-sleeping well-restedness, I was hoping the hormones wouldn't be as bad this time.  Like the experiences would match, or something.  Also: weaning over more than like, three days this time.

Yeaaahhhhh.  Nope.  I mean, actually, to be honest the anxiety is about 1/100th of what it was last time, but it is definitely still there.  Today was the first day of nursing only before afternoon nap and bedtime (eliminating pre-AM nap nursing), and I decided we'd go running at naptime, especially since she slept eleven hours last night, which is practically unheard of in KatieVille.  While we were getting dressed, I just kept sub-panicking about feeding her.

Oh.  Yes.  Of course.

This, unlike just about every single other thing with nursing, is actually extremely evolutionary.  You should feel anxious on some level if you are not feeding your child, because if you don't, you might get all caught in your cave paintings or your wooly mammoth hide tanning and forget to do it for days at a time, and then the baby is really problematically hungry.

This really has no other point, except that I am slow and just realized that.  And also that I hate weaning.

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