Friday, February 24, 2012

Who has two teeth and hates weaning?

THIS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY, you guys, OMFG.

Eliminating nursing before morning naps was not perfect, but it's okaaay.  She usually screams awhile and then falls asleep.  We're still nursing before afternoon nap and bedtime, and I cannot make up my mind which we will eliminate next.  She's had some cow's milk mixed with breastmilk in a cup, and so far, so good.  But in the middle of the night?  Aw hell, it's Suck City. 

First of all, she's just not a good self-soother.  At ALL.  So even though I had already cut G off on middle of the night feeds sometime around month eight, Katie was still getting to nurse until we started weaning.  I KNOW, I KNOW.  So she wakes up, and she hasn't the first clue how to get herself back to sleep.  So I go in and try rocking her, patting her back, whatever, and she calms down, but the minute I try to leave, all hell breaks loose.  She loses her frigging mind.  Occasionally, she sleeps through the night, but when that happens, she wakes at 4:30am.  And that's rare anyway, mostly it's the two hours in the middle of the night marathon.  And you know, I was SO happy we skipped that stage when she was a newborn.  Apparently it is required that all our children go through this phase?  I am so not on board with this nonsense. 

We ARE weaning.  I am so ready.  She may not be, but listen: I don't care.  Yes, obviously, I DO.  It is heartbreaking when it is clearly the only thing she wants in the whole wide world, and it is frustrating when I KNOW she would instantly calm and fall asleep if I would just nurse her, but I need- NEED-to be done with nursing this child. 

Oh yeah, and apparently, she is going to be a year old tomorrow.  LIES.  Vicious lies.  It was just a few months ago that I was sitting on the couch and complaining to my friend about the hideous Braxton-Hicks contractions I was having, as she rolled her eyes and suggested that I may want to consider that I was in labor.  Either that, or five years ago.  One of the two.

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