Saturday, November 24, 2012

28 weeks, blah blah blah

please God, let this baby weigh close to nine pounds....

as compared to Gracie:
and Katie:

Goodness gracious.

How does this compare otherwise to the other two?  I am not entirely sure because I am too distracted by the fact that SERIOUSLY, Katie has been possessed by a rapidly-cycling bipolar hyena and it is taking all my energy to try to figure out how the hell to make her stop screaming every hour in response to various offenses, such as: being given milk, having milk taken away, having her pancakes cut up, having her pancakes left whole, being given a blanket, having said blanket taken away, the wind, the barometric pressure....what have you.  And then all of a sudden, she'll be like this, which is also the only way she ever is when she's around other people, so everyone thinks I'm just being crabby:

(which, for the record, I am SO CRABBY, but also she is like a rapidly-cycling bipolar hyena.)  Also, I have a damn cold, which, actually, as far as me and colds during pregnancy go, it is pretty awesome that I made it this far before I fell victim to the evil rhinovirus, but it is still no fun to be 28 weeks pregnant with your third child and sneezing all the time.  I AM JUST SAYING.

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