Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Damn, it's winter.

And nothing makes me crabbier than being cold.

The first whiff of spring mud, the first time it's still light out when I leave work at 7pm, I feel like I just won the lottery. Actually, I feel like you do after you have the flu and start to feel good again- "Thank GOD that is over, I am SO happy I can get on with my life!" And for some reason, every year, I think winter is just like the flu, something that maybe comes along once every few years.

Um, no. This would be Chicago. And six or seven months out of the year, it gets dark at noon, I spend every night in a boiling hot bath, trying to regain feeling in my fingers and toes, and all I want to do is wrap myself in flannel, burrow under the covers with the cats, and sleep until late May. November is the feeling you have when you FIRST get the flu. "ohhhh, I feel awful, WHYYYYYY don't I appreciate my health when I'm not sick? I should run and leap and play!" I mean, I'm not DONE with summer! I only ate at an outdoor cafe, like, once. I did not drink in a single beer garden that I can recall. What the HELL was I doing?????

I'm so depressed.

On a semi-related note, the wedding is in three weeks. And when I set the date for November, I was VERY worried about how cold I would be. We came thisclose to getting October 20th- the church was available, but we couldn't find a reception venue. It was 80 degrees and sunny with a light breeze and no humidity on October 20th. It's going to snow on November 17th, I just know it.

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