Monday, February 8, 2010

Coping Skillz

For all my shmoopy, sappy, "I love being a mommmmmyyyy" days, there are still some days that just suck. You know the days, when they wake up at 4:30, take lousy, short naps, and are totally uninterested in any activity that doesn't involve sticking a fork in a socket, pulling heavy objects onto their heads, climbing bookcases, or other life-threatening activities? And you think, how the HELL am I going to make it to bedtime? I cannot do this. Not today.

We had one of those days on sunday. Fortunately, I knew EXACTLY what to do.

(Taken from the archives. Since it's, you know, freezing cold outside and also she has a lot more hair now.)

She's fourteen months old today. She still doesn't walk, though she loves to swim. She doesn't reeeally talk, though she jabbers like crazy. Most importantly, with notable exception above, this baby SLEEPS:)


Brandy said...

don't you hate the temper tantrum days. I always count the minutes until bedtime on those days

Donna said...

1. Gracie is ADORABLE!
2. A baby who sleeps is a VERY good thing!
3. A baby who will be bribed with food is just quite nearly as good as a baby who sleeps.
4. Target, glorious Target.

Rae said...

A good shopping trip always helps my tantrums.