Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Target Demographic: SUCKERS

I'm still running. Very slowly, and not very far, but I am still running. I think I can hold out for another month or so, it actually feels better than it did maybe four to six weeks ago (though I can't explain why). However, absolutely none of my running tops fit. I mean, they do, but my belly hangs out the bottom, and since I've never been a fan of the belly hanging out (especially when it is full of fetus), that will not do.

I thought I would buy some maternity work-out tops. I have some big tshirts I can wear, but it is REALLY uncomfortable to run in cotton, especially when you are a sweathog like me. So I consulted the Great Lord Google, and He sent me to Title IX sports. I found a really comfortable-looking sleeveless running top. It looks just exactly like the ones I wear from Target, but, you know, there's room for me plus a baby. I was all prepared to add two or three to my cart when I noticed what they expect me to pay for said shirt (which is just like the ones I buy at Target but with room for a baby)- FORTY FIVE DOLLARS.

Are you freaking kidding me?!

Um, yeah, I'll be raiding Stephen's workout stash and running in that. He won't like it, but I don't particularly like the amount of hair that's sprouted from my belly, so we'll call it square.

Also? Bravo, Title IX Sports marketers. Way to invoke that sense of empowerment mixed with righteous indignation we all get when we think about the girls who came before us who didn't get to play soccer and basketball because all the money went to the boys. Because nothing says "empowering women to participate in sports" by committing highway freaking robbery on pregnnat women who want to keep exercising. You go, girl, that's what it makes me think.

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Rae said...

But they sell the Last Resort Bra. The best sports bra ever. For us big girls.