Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Really Happened. Really.

We had two showings today. They were our first in kind of awhile, so we were relieved. My mom said it usually takes a week or so for people to notice you've reduced your price, but that didn't stop us from worrying.

Stephen called me at work to say the first showing seemed to go really well. Score! The second showing was at 6:20. Work was deathly boring, so I left around then, figuring I'd either just miss them, or get home while Stephen was showing them the building.

As I was riding the elevator up, I heard the alarm go off in the other elevator. Loudly, and for a long time. The other elevator passenger and I exchanged looks and nervous giggles. As the doors opened on the fifth floor, two things happened.

The passenger in the stuck elevator turned out to be the building dogwalker, who is, um, vocal. And kind of crazy. He began screaming loudly about being trapped, and how the dog in the elevator with him was a pug with all kinds of breahting problems and he was going to die if they weren't freed soon. I am not exaggerating, he was literally screeching about pugs dying in elevators.

The other thing? Stephen went running to the door to call out to the dogwalker and try to calm him down. That's right, Stephen was standing at the elevator bank. With our 6:20 showing.

Stephen did his best to calm the dogwalker down, called the fire department, and eventually he was freed. In the meantime, I showed our guests around to the rest of the building.

I really think we're gonna get an offer from the guy. What, you don't?

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