Monday, June 15, 2009

Beware the Bars of Target

I kind of love grocery shopping. I love comparing prices and finding deals and using coupons. I LOVE buying generic. I love knowing that Dominick's is insanely, ridiculously overpriced, second only to Whole Foods, and one should only shop there under duress. I love knowing that groceries are cheaper at Target than at Jewel (which is also overpriced but not as egregiously as Dominick's).

I also love Fiber One bars. They're kind of an addiction. They're only 2 WW points per bar, plus you can always find a coupon for the Kelloggs version, and every store has a store version. They're also RIDICULOUSLY overpriced at Jewel, cheapest at Costco, and cheaper at Target. However, while the Jewel-brand fiber bars are a good substitute, I am learning things about Target brand fiber bars.

For example, that they're made of peanut butter chips and HAAAATE.

I don't wanna be disgusting. But I'm a vegetarian, plus, like I said, I'm rockin' a serious fiber bar addiction. This stuff generally doesn't affect me. There is SOMETHING different about the Target version. It's pure evil and my body, she doesn't like the Target version.

Consider yourself warned.

(on a less ooky note, why doesn't anyone make store-brand veggie burgers? I'm stuck buying name-brand, and none of the name brands are remotely cheap. Costco only sells vegan Bocas, and I don't like Boca burgers, plus the vegan version of any veggie burger tastes like warm butt.)


Jill said...

Hey now. you just have to doctor them the right way.
Also, we've found a brand down here, called "Moofrey's", and they're pretty dang good all by themselves.

Donna said...

I pretty much only eat Clif Bars, but thanks for the warning. :o)