Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nine Months

What's longer, the nine months you're pregnant, or the first nine months of your baby's life? (TOTALLY the nine months of pregnancy. Except the first three months of G's life. Those were, um, special.)

I keep thinking nine months should be a bigger milestone, I guess because it's the same amount of time you spend pregnant? And up until today, it didn't really seem like it, but then we hit two big milestones.

The first one I miraculously caught on camera, because she happened to do it while we were already taking pictures. Look at this big girl!

This is especially surprising because Grace prefers to hold off on meeting milestones until juuuust before it becomes a red flag that she's not doing something.

The other milestone is not exactly voluntary on her part. I've kept up her habit of waking at 4am to snack and cuddle, because it used to mean she'd sleep til 6am. Ever since saturday, she has woken between 5:15 and 5:30. Hate that. With the heat of a thousand suns. But? If she's gonna wake up that early anyway, we are soooo done with that 4am feeding. Breaking that habit is gonna be a total bear, but if it's not getting mommy any more sleep than she'd get otherwise, then Gracie isn't getting any 4am visits from mommy. Because I'm mean like that.

Other than that, Gracie had her first dinner out, which was a great success, started feeding herself almost exclusively (and has such a good pincer grasp, she can grab stuff that I'm holding in a pincer grasp), and spent some time visiting my Loyola with my best friend from college and her son:

The part I'm sad about is her new status as a cart-rider. *sniff* She sure does love it, though:

(is there a new mom on earth who doesn't spend half her days at Target? Between all the stuff you need, and the times when you just want to get OUT OF THE HOUSE...)

It's been another great month. Can't wait to see what next month brings.


Kristen said...

That watermelon dress is so cute! Great post. Happy 9 Month birthday Gracie.

Eric said...

That last picture is great.