Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Check out that chub.  I took that picture because, for an entire year, before and after she was born, those rolls were 100% courtesy of moi.  It's kind of an amazing, crazy feeling.  I just wanted photographic evidence.

Now, though, we've started oatmeal.  And, I mean, just a few bites every night, so it's not like that is really packing on the pounds or anything.

She took to the spoon really well.  I was so sure she wasn't ready, that we'd try once, shrug and say, okay, maybe next month.  But she ate every last morsel with no tongue thrusting and only minimal loss of oaty goodness.

As you can see, she was a big fan.  Soooo, we're officially on solids.  For the first few weeks, it's just oats at dinnertime, and we'll ramp it up from there.

I, uh, may or may not have cheated on that....

But come on!  Watermelon season doesn't last forever!  And I am not made of stone.  Watermelon was an even bigger hit than oatmeal.  I know, you're shocked.

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Rae said...

I'm so excited for food! We're not going to start until least 5 mos...maybe 6. But I'm excited! I hope Jerry likes it as much as Katie.