Sunday, July 31, 2011

Walt Disney Was a Sick, Sick Man.

This morning on the news, they were talking about sad movies*, which of course necessitated showing some of the most gut-wrenching clips in movie history.

And you know how, when you were little, it was really sad and kind of scary when Bambi's mom died?

Yeah.  Try watching it after you have kids, when he's wandering in the snow and calling for his mom, and you know she's not coming.  I DEFY you to sit through that without wanting to curl up in the fetal position and vomit for awhile.

*I don't actually know the point of the story, because before they could get to it, they started showing Debra Winger saying good bye to her sons, and I had a psychotic break.


rebekah said...

My husband turned on finding Nemo for H a few days back. Of course when the mama fish disappeared she kept asking what happened to the mama fish? what happened to the mama fish? We had one of those lovely you showed her WHAT?! moments. My daughter is already ridiculously empathetic, I can't believe he thought that was a good idea!

INTPLibrarian said...

Bambi was the 1st movie I saw in a theater. I saw it with my mom and I remember her being teary during that part of the movie. And I was kind of freaking out in my head trying to figure out HOW to explain to her that it was just a movie and wasn't real. I wanted to comfort her, but didn't know the right words to explain the concept. I was 2 or 3 years old.

Crabby Apple Seed: said...

Heather, you are a very unique person.

and Rebekah, Grace has never seen the beginning of Finding Nemo. we always start at the first day of school scene. Not because we think she's a delicate flower who can't handle the reality of the movie (to be honest, I don't really think it would bother her), but because *I* don't like that scene.