Sunday, September 18, 2011

Differences part I STOPPED COUNTING

When we started giving Gracie solids, I was really careful.  New foods, every three days.  Because seriously, if you've read any medical journal in the last decade: your child WILL have a food allergy.  And that food will sneak into their bed at night and smother them.

Stephen took this picture last night:

That would be soup she's eating. 

Meh, whatever.  Gracie is a super good eater, and I would love to have two of those.  It's a lot less annoying than dealing with a picky eater.  Plus, as Gracie will tell you, soup gives you muscles!

Also: although they appear to nearly be twins, they have very different eye colors.  In person, you can also see Katie's hair getting lighter, and our Sorta Rican daughter is looking a bit lighter in general.  Observe:

Yeah, ok, I really just wanted to post both of those pictures.  Got a problem with that?  You better not.  Gracie will crush you.

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