Wednesday, September 14, 2011

K-K-K-Kaaatie, Sleeeepless Kaaatie


Katie used to sleep.  For realz.  She was only waking up once a night, at roughly the same time every night.  It was so clearly habit, I even thought, ok, if I CARE to break this habit (which I did NOT, because I don't want her to wake up at 4:30 every day like another baby I once knew), I bet I could.  Well, maybe.  Katie does not, at this stage, appear to be a tension reliever, she appears to be an escalator, and so I am unsure how we will go about breaking this habit, but my POINT is that it was clearly just habit and not hunger or immature sleep.  Her naps still sucked rocks, but beggars can't be choosers.

And then?!?!?!


This child of mine, with her impeccable timing, chose to stop doing this the night before the half marathon.  Awesome, no?  Awake every two hours.  SUCK.  The next night?  The night AFTER the half marathon?  The same.  Again.  (Meanwhile, next door, her father was working to get her big sister back to sleep, as she had also chosen this week to stop sleeping entirely.) (What could possibly be going on in our house?  I cannot imagine...)  And the next night.  And the next.  She did have one night when I made her fuss it out and she slept until 4:45 the next morning, but the next night she promptly resumed her dastardly ways.

I'm gonna make you wake up alllll night long as punishment for putting me in this laundry basket.

I have a few ideas about what might be up with her.  She got shots last thursday, and after a few really solid nights' sleep, I can see it being rebound.  I think a tooth might be breaking thru her gums- I have zero experience with difficult teethers, with Grace, it was always a shock when we saw a new white little nugget poking thru her gums, so totally nonplussed was she by the entire process. 

Whatever it is, I want her to sleep again.  Please.  Dear God.


Donna said...

Let me know if that happens. Aidan hasn't slept since he was 7 months old. From 1 to 7 months it was 10 hours and now, maybe three. uuuggghhh. Six years of sleep deprivation really messes witcha.

rebekah said...

we always had sleep regressions at developmental milestones. Like her mama, she can't sleep til she figures something out. Crawling, standing, walking, learning her colors or letters...they all led to 3-4 days (or more in some cases) of almost zero sleep until she would finally get it all sorted at 4 am and let us know she could do it, whatever it was this time.