Saturday, February 26, 2011

....or maybe not.

February baby, huh? Ohhh, Kaitlyn little stinker:)

What's more shocking- that she came a week and a half early, or that we finally settled on a name as soon as the epidural was in?

I...yeah. I'm not sure!

So far, it's a totally different experience, in some good ways and some less than pleasant. With Grace, I got to the hospital and got the epidural immediately. It numbed me completely and removed any and all urge to push, and I labored and labored afterwards. Pushing Grace out took 22 minutes and felt like a breeze. Her little 8-lb self finally came out, looking like she'd been through ten rounds, and ohhhhh, was she PISSED OFF. A feeling that did not change for, um, a few months, we'll say:) with Katie, I labored at home much, much longer, and then when we finally got to the hospital, had to wait for approximately a week and a half for the epidural. (ok, or maybe an hour and a half or something like that.) People. I do NOT do pain. I don't know how anyone does that completely natural, but it is never, ever in the cards for me. But the differences didnt' stop there- when I finally got this epi, it was absolutely *perfect*. Took away all the pain, but none of the pressure from the contractions. I immediately knew when I was ready to push, and was able to use that as a guide. Katie popped out after five minutes of the most intense pushing I can possibly imagine, so tiny she was barely swollen at all, so quiet they took her away for a few minutes to wake her up a bit. She never did scream, though- they decided not to worry about it when she pinked up anyway. Nursed like she'd been doing it for ages, and drifted back to sleep, which ended up being our pattern for the entire night.

Our little peanut, our second daughter.

Grace made us parents, and Katie made Grace a big sister. Each girl changing our family in the most amazing way.

I can't wait for them to meet.

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Donna said...

Yay, Kathy!! I knew from the picture she was a happy baby. So nice of her to wait for you get most of the baby stuff assembled and ready to go, but then she couldn't wait anymore to meet you! And now we can't wait to meet her. Congratulations!