Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Win Upon Win

You know how some days, you just keep stepping in it, no matter how hard you try? And how, on those days, it feels like you're never gonna win again? That was, uh, pretty much the month of January for me.

Today, the universe made it up to me.

I had all kinds of things planned for today, but I never actually believed it would all happen.

I dropped Grace off at MIL's in the morning and went to my first stop, an oil change. Except I forgot to bring a magazine with me. Luckily, I passed Barnes and Noble on the way there, and I remembered I had a gift card in my wallet. Grabbed a book, handed it to the cashier with the gift card and told her I wasn't sure how much was on there, figuring it'd only be a dollar or two. Nope, had just over twenty bucks left after I got my book. Score!

Next stop- oil change. Saw as I pulled in that I was early enough for the early bird special- $10 off! I already had a coupon for $5 off, courtesy of The Internets, so that was another bonus. I am fully aware of the little scam that a lot of oil change places run, where they show you a grubby old air filter, tell you it's yours and you need a new one...but it's not your air filter! It's a PROP! This isn't my first rodeo, boys...unfortunately, I hadn't had my oil changed in, um, a long time, and from what I read, I was going to need a new air filter. so I was all annoyed, because I was going to get a new air filter because *I* thought I needed one, not because of their little scam!! (and since everyone reading this knows me, there is, of course, no need to explain that I do always overthink things this much). So I said to the guy, once my hood was popped, "OH, and I know I need a new air filter." And?!?!? He wrinkled his nose and said, "...really? I dunno. This looks pretty good to me. I would hang on to that one, personally." ...whaaa? Okay! I sat and read my book in peace while they changed my oil, and was on my way in twenty minutes.

Next stop- get glasses fixed. easy peasy, five minute stop.

At this point, it was still too early for lunch, but I didn't have anything else to do out in the 'burbs. I texted my BFF from college to explain my dilemma, as I was totally paralyzed by indecision (again, everyone knows me, no surprise there...) She texted back and told me to go to our favorite burrito place from college, which was about halfway between the mall and my next stop. SCORE. yes!

I was worried about finding parking, and I was right to worry...but somehow? I found the one open parking spot nearby- dug out and everything. Amazing. And the burrito...was heaven. The thing is, I lived within a mile of there for four years (when we lived in the condo). I pass it every night on my way home from work. I could stop all the time, but I don't. I don't stop because everything about the place reminds me of college- the inside looks the same, the menu is the same, the food tastes the same, and the whole place smells the same. It just...makes me happy. And it makes me think of college, FUN times in college, and I don't want to stop feeling that way when I'm there, and I'm afraid if I go there too often, I'll start to make different memories, and the smells and sights and sounds won't knock me over when I walk in the door. So I avoid it, for the most part...and today, not only was my burrito awesome, but I left with a great, warm, fuzzy feeling (which is no small feat since it was about eighty bajillion degrees below zero in Chicago today).

Next stop- massage!!! At my favorite spa downtown! Aaaaand, I turned onto the street in front of the hotel, was just about to turn into the drive for valet, when what did I see but an open spot on the street! Steps from the door! Unreal, SERIOUSLY. The massage was amazing, the spa was amazing, it was all fabulous. They had a special belly pillow so I could lie on my stomach, and an adjustable table to put the head up so I wasn't lying flat on back. The weird part? They piped in music with lyrics instead of funny rainforest sounds. To be honest, it was kind of annoying, until the very last song they played at the end of my massage was our first dance from our wedding:)

Ok, and THEN?! When I got back to my car, my meter had expired, but I did not have a parking ticket. For those keeping track at home, this is where I started to worry about getting run over by a truck or hit by a falling anvil.

Final stop- doctor's office. Gained less than half a pound in two weeks! Doctor walked in the room at 2pm on the dot! ...aaaand was promptly stopped by the head of the practice, while in the doorway, and sent to the hospital for a delivery. GAH. Here endeth the winning streak. I was looking forward to seeing my regular doctor, and whenever that happens, it always leads to a ninety-year long wait. And I was already nakey!! But the wins continued, because my favorite nurse practitioner popped in ten minutes later. And?! Told me I'm closed, long, and posterior. Hurrah! Way to go, Cervix of Steel. Way to go.

I also had no traffic driving out to pick up Gracie, OR on the way home.

We're celebrating tonight with pizza. And possibly salad. Mama's STARVING.

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