Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aaaand now back to our regularly scheduld programming

I knew too many wins in one day would lead to this.

Of the many, many issues in this crapshack, we have, in the last two years, addressed about half of them. Another half remained, and we had to get them addressed before Segundo comes. We needed the electrician to finish rewiring the house and install some fans, I needed to strip wallpaper, and we needed to get carpeting upstairs on the gross, unfinished hardwood floors. Back in November, I called the electrician and the painter, thinking we'd get that done and THEN get the carpet, so we wouldn't have to worry about the floors with all those people working.

It immediately became clear the work wouldn't be getting done in any kind of timely fashion. The electrician couldn't fit us in until after the first of the year. The painter told us mid-January. We scrapped the previous plans and got the carpet (Thank GOD). The electrician got in around the time he thought he would, but due to crapshack-related reasons too boring to recount, he could finish about 80% of the work, and will finish the rest after the painter comes back and plasters the ceiling.

....the painter. Jiminy Christmas, for the love of all that is good and holy, the PAINTER. I've used this painter before. Twice, actually. Nice guy. Does a great job. Can be unreliable- he's a single dad and has zero back-up childcare, so it gets dicey. But he does a nice job. So, okay.

Except this time, we just kept getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back. Finally, he's supposed to come over at the end of January. He called the day he was supposed to start to say his daughter was sick and he couldn't come until the following week. EVERYONE said I should fire him at that point, he's unreliable, we NEED this work done, call someone else. But being the stupid bleeding-heart that I am, I couldn't do it. How do you fire a single dad because his kid got sick? So I gave him another chance.

He came and did the estimate and was supposed to start today.

He called at 7:45 this morning to say his truck got booted and he can't start until tomorrow. Aside from the fact that it is entirely unacceptable, less than a month before this baby is DUE, to be postponing his start date again, I am working twelve hours tomorrow and can't be here to let him. SO, I'm done being nice. I told him I will see him at some point today to pick up a key and make sure he won't need anything from us tomorrow. If he doesn't get this boot business straightened out until after school is out, his daughter can come with him, but I expect to see him today. I didn't tell him that he's fired if he doesn't show up, but that's the plan. The only problem is, I have no idea who will do this work if he gets fired.

But hey. I have a cradle, and Segundo can sleep there for a few months while we find someone to, you know, give him/her a bedroom. And hell, if s/he's anything like Gracie, s/he won't be sleeping during that time, anyway.

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Donna said...

Come live with me! We could recreate. It would be like the Brady Bunch, except with 4 adults, 3 cats and a lot more boys. Also, seriously if you need a painter I have the beeeest one ever. He is so awesome and affordable and I have recommended him to many many people and all have loved him. And he's super dreamy.