Sunday, February 13, 2011

oh no, THERE'S the payback for the good luck.

Our power went out today for six hours.

well, no, first it browned out for an hour, and during that time, I was able to poach someone else's unsecured network. then it went out all the way, as did the unsecured network. Curses!

On the plus side, it was unseasonably warm today, so we didn't really get uncomfortable until right when the power came back on. But, it IS me, and you know, I'm not one to dwell on the positive (I mean, BLECH.)

First of all, G was napping, and I was juuust drifting off into that really great, comatose nap state- you know what I'm talking about, right? When I was jolted awake by the tv shutting off, and that click-followed-by-eerie-silence that always happens when the power goes out.

Secondly, the initial estimate for the power to come back on was 5:45. That came and went with no power, so I called again and got a new estimate of 7:45. Because, seriously, what am I going to do, take my electricity needs elsewhere? Gimme a break, they'll say whatever is going to get me off the phone. So, there was that whole sense of "will the power come back on at all? Should we put Grace to bed, or keep her up because we won't be sleeping here anyway? If we leave, will the power come back on five seconds after we do?" And so on. (I'm good at that particular game and can carry it out forever. It's an extension/symptom/cause of my total inability to make any decision, EVER.)

Thirdly, we had no flashlights. I mean, no. We did. But the batteries were dying, so they were not producing any actual light. Stephen cruised out to Home Depot and bought a really sweet lantern that could light an auditorium, and a few flashlights. At least we're prepared for next time!

So, with nothing else to do, we put Curious George on the laptop for Grace (alternating between them when the batteries died)and let her play with one of the flashlights. She was weirded out, but actually handled it all really, really well. Finally, we decided to put her to bed, since the temperature in the house was holding relatively well. When we got upstairs with the lantern, it lit her whole room. She hadn't seen anything that brightly lit since the sun went down (and totally did not understand WHY), and it was making some weird shadows, so she stood in the middle of her room saying, "Wow. WOOOOW! Wow!!!!!"

Freakin' Pollyanna.

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