Saturday, February 12, 2011


It is done.

and GREEN.

I don't really think the picture does it justice, it's really green, but here it is anyway:

now all we have to do is move all the furniture back and forth between the two rooms so that Gracie's room houses a bed and a white dresser (in opposite locations from where they are now, of course) and a crib, changing table, brown dresser, glider and foot stool in Segundo's room. oh, and hang stuff on the walls. and put the clothes in the right dressers. And assemble the cradle. And finish digging out the boppies, the bouncie seat (and hope it gets some actual use this time), the swing, the pack n play...not much, really.

In the meantime, Grace decided all that stressing and prep work is for chumps and engaged in some painting of her own.

(that was my absolute favorite shirt in college. I dug it out this time around to wear around the house, but Stephen kept asking me where my Docs were and if picked up the Indigo Girls tickets he asked for and har har, yes, I have terrible fashion sense. so now it's Gracie's art smock instead. I am jealous.)


Laura said...

I like the color! :)

Donna said...

Stephen is so funny! We need to hang out soon. And Gracie looks awesome in the ol' shirt/smock.