Tuesday, February 22, 2011

38 weeks

Hello, I am Segundo, and I gained fifty pounds this week:

compare that to last week, when I was still wee:

I still think s/he's just as high as ever, though my friend Jessica thinks s/he's lower. I honestly feel like I am no closer to having this baby than I was a month ago, and for the record: still fine with that. I mean, obviously I don't KNOW, but I just don't feel like anything is happening. I've had a hideous cold (hi, I'm 35 years old and I have CROUP, wtf?) for the last week month, and I'd really like that gone before this baby is born. I'm pretty sure it's sinusitis at this point, so although I don't really care what the doctor has to say about my progress (or lack thereof) on thursday (I never had cervical changes with Grace until three days before I went into labor, and even then, they were crazy-minor, so whatever, they can't tell me anything!), I am DYING to get hooked up with a z-pack or some other better living through chemistry.

And if Segundo DOES choose to come sometime around his/her actual due date, it looks like there might actually be a room waiting for him/her, which is nice. Stephen's putting the crib back together tonight, hopefully we'll get stuff up on the walls, and then the only really big tasks left are getting the electrician out for the fans and finding/assembling the swing and bouncie seat. Totally doable.

One sticky wicket: Grace's transition to her big girl bed is going pretty smoothly, with the exception of reading stories in bed instead of the glider. I mean, she DID it last night, but not happily, and it took her a lot longer to fall asleep, with a LOT more tears (HATE). It still seems ridiculous to have two gliders in the house, but I also feel like good sleep has no price...we'll see. I want to give it another day or two and see what happens. Today is her first nap in her big-girl bed. We need to go to Costco, and she will surely sleep in the car, so it's a little iffy.

(On a completely and totally unrelated note: Is Professor Wiseman the most annoying character in children's television or WHAT? Ok, no, she's obviously not, but she is damn close.)

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Jessica said...

You are totally lower. Segundo will come next week.

Although I'm notoriously bad at predicting these things. Still... next week.