Sunday, September 9, 2012

18 months

You know how, once your kid hits about two, and especially when they're behaving badly in public, everyone and their brother will walk up to you and say, "Just wait.  Two isn't terrible. Three is the REALLY terrible age.  Nobody tells you that."  Which, A) thanks, it's really helpful when the kid is acting up to be told this is nothing, and B) ...dude.  Seriously.  EVERYBODY tells you that.  I have no idea why people seem to think this is some big fat government secret.


My point being, everybody tells you three is bad.  After two kids, though, I now believe that 18 months is the secretly difficult age nobody tells you about.  Neither of my girls have been particularly good company at this age.  Tantrums, hitting, screaming, all of it.  And, I mean, yes, of course, it's also a super fun age, because it's when they start to get so clever and mischevious and you can see the gears turning in their brains as they figure out how things work and they're still chubby enough that you want to eat their cheeks.

Katie IS 18 months old.  She is the little girl with the little curl.  She tilts her head back and giggles from the depths of her belly.  She runs away every. single. time. she sees me holding clothes and makes me chase her all over the house to get her dressed, laughing the entire time.  She climbs on EVERYTHING- the toilet, the kitchen table, the windows- the kid is a monkey.  And when she's mad?  Well, let's just say they can still hear her in our old neighborhood, as she flips herself backwards and wills the tone out of every muscle in her body.  It is, um, it's something else.

Sometimes I forget she's only eighteen months old, because she understands every single word we say.  She doesn't talk much, but I think it's just because she's stubborn and doesn't feel like it.

She still only has six teeth!!  wtf?!  I don't know.  She looooves junk food.  She does not love vegetables.  And...shhhhh....she seems like maybe she is possibly learning how to sleep like a normal human.  I have thought this before and then she was all, yeah, psych, make with the 4am Wonder Pets, lady, pronto.  But really, it's abbout time and I do think we are getting there.

She obviously has no way of knowing how much her life will change by her second birthday.  And much  more than I did with Gracie, I worry about how she'll react when there's another baby in the house.  She already doesn't like to share my attention- if I"m putting Gracie's shoes on, she come over and crawl into my lap and hug me and try to keep me from paying attention to anyone but her.  She's like a cat.  Sooo, yeah, that should be interesting.  I actually keep thinking, I can't wait for her to turn two, because Gracie was such a fun two year old, but then I think, oh, but things will be so different and I want to sop up every last drop of just the two of them between now and then.  So even though I'm not always great at it, I'm working hard at not wishing the days away.

Except when she's boneless. 


Max's Mommy said...

For some reason, this made me a little weepy.

She's too cute.

Jessica said...

I love that "little curl" poem and recite it at least a few times a week - only about Griffin, so the rhyme is off, but whatevs, it fits. Also? That sentence was horrifically punctuated.

My will cross my fingers for you that K-Mae is 100% on the sleep train by the time baby (boy) arrives :)