Thursday, September 6, 2012


I realize this is a big fat cliche, but how is it possible that my little colicky, angry ball of scream is big enough to go to SCHOOL?  Actual, real school, where other big kids go, where she learns things and gets homework (which is optional but earns her a STICKER if she does it)?  HOOOOW???

She was really excited for her first day.

It is probably not normal, how much I love this picture.

She actually really was.  She just hates having her picture taken with a white hot rage.  Until she's in the right mood.  You know, when you totally can't see her cute outfit.

I mean, okay, this is really cute, but come on.  See above.  I'm just saying.
These pictures were actually taken on her orientation day.  That was...interesting.  Because once we got there, AGAIN, with the picture-taking.  I had met with the staff a week earlier, to talk about her seizures, and when they mentioned there would be pictures, I said, ohhh, yeah.  She HATES that.  Just to warn you.  And I hoped maybe she would be in the right mood for it, but alas.  She was not.  And when the secretary wanted to get just the totally perfect picture, the kid lost her patience.  And started running in circles around the room.  And tried to knock the cross off the wall.  And the holy water.  It really was one of my top parenting moments.

But it's all been better since then!  Her first week was a smashing success. She sang the ABCs and did art projects and something about the teacher letting her choose a book? Or something?  The details are fuzzy, because she doesn't really like to recap such things for me.  The one nugget I did get today was when I asked if she ate her snack, and she told me, "Oh, yes!  I had yogurt raisins and pretzels and apple juice because that is what you sent me!"  Which, in case you can't figure out from the context clues, I ALREADY KNEW.  Sigh.  But she lights up when she talks about school, and even though there were many, many children clinging and screaming at drop-off today (and LOTS of echoing off marble walls), she repeatedly pushed me away and told me good bye.  Um, okay?  Honestly, it was great.  So not complaining.

Katie had some fun while G was in school, too.  She made a beeline for the playground and we spent half an hour running around, climbing stairs and sliding down slides and jumping on the bouncy bridges and having a generally awesome time.


There is so, so much I didn't blog about, with all the craziness around the move.  The move!!  Ahhh.  It went as smoothly as any move possibly can, and we are so happy here we can't even believe it.  We keep saying to each other, "hey, guess what?  we live here now."  

We ate all kinds of food that didn't involve chick peas that I never got to tell you about and now I know you are SO SAD!  But don't worry, I took one picture! 

roasted edamame and carrots!  A reasonable hit.

I am no longer so nauseous that I wish for death.  It is a welcome change.  I have only gained seven pounds at 17 weeks, which is really fine but low for me so I am addressing that by eating burritos multiple days per week and tonight, eating an entire box of butterscotch pudding.  I don't even LIKE butterscotch pudding.  WTF? I do not know.  This baby mostly adores fried potatoes with ketchup and Mexican food.  But apparently also pudding. Old lady pudding.

And also Katie is 18 months old now.  There is just too much to say about that, so she gets her own post soon.  Tomorrow, maybe? I hope so.  Let me just give you the tease now: she has the gross and fine motor development of a 5 year old and the intellectual development of, well, an 18 month old.  It is just as awesome as it sounds.  And trust me, she agrees, with the screaming and the arching and the boneless and the TOTAL PISSED-OFFED-NESS for many hours of most days, except on days when she actually sleeps, when she is the happiest, most sunshine-y child you could possibly imagine. I'll let you guess how often she DOES actually sleep.

let's just say the Vincent Price bubble beard is....apt.  Right now she's plotting how to get me to wear a cursed tiki doll around my neck.

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