Friday, September 28, 2012

It's That Time Again....

20 weeks!  As compared to Gracie:

And Katie:

Biggest yet, I think?  Hard to tell! If I weren't so lazy I'd line them all up, but that's the closest we're getting.  Gracie was the mushiest, for sure, and I look the leanest with Katie, which is funny because I gained the most with her.  I forgot to mention yesterday that this baby is BIG- measuring a full week ahead on almost every measurement, with these huge, gangly legs and feet almost as long as his legs.  It'll be interesting to see how that goes as we move through this.  Especially since I already feel like my tailbone is perpetually bruised, and based on how his head already was yesterday, I'm not expecting that to improve until after he pops out.

Of course, we could speculate about whether I am carrying this baby like a boy or a girl or more like Katie or Gracie but OH WAIT WE ALREADY KNOW HE'S A BOY.

So instead I'm just going to look at the pictures and just ask myself how similar he is to each of the girls.  The pregnancy is already a lot more like Gracie than Kate, except Now! With more vomiting! And nausea!  And irritability!  And you know what else is awesome?  you know how pregnant women are supposed to have thick, shiny, amazing hair?  I am currently half bald.  The hair still in my head is brittle and frizzy, like I had one too many perms and then didn't get it cut.

In other words: Stosh is going to be the easiest baby ever.  I JUST KNOW IT.


Jessica said...

You look good - but you always do :)

Max's Mommy said...

What the hell?! *I* look more pregnant than you do. You look like you just ate a big burrito for lunch. BS.